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Sponsorship Program

JMT has borne witness to significant rise in the number of cardiac patients in Nepal. Cardiovascular disease is no longer a "RICH MAN's DISEASE". More so it is largely engulfing people from the lower middle class to lower class bracket of the society.

Government of Nepal has been providing aid of Rupees One Lakh per indigent cardiac patient for his/her treatment, while children below the age of 15 years and elderly above the age of 75 years, are exempt from any cardiac treatment cost at the government's two state run cardiac hospitals, namely Shahid Gangalal National Heart Centre(SGNHC) and Manamohan Cardiothoracic Vascular and Transplant Center (MCVTC). Yet , this policy is unable to cater to all the patients given the volume by which they are rising, the cost of surgery and the extremely low per capita income. Thus Jayanti Memorial Trust is doing all it can to ease the burden of the government and serve the less fortunate as best as it can.

  • Sponsoring Treatment- Since its inception, Jayanti Memorial Trust has been partially/absolutely supporting the treatment of less fortunate Nepali cardiac patients with monetrary aid. 
  • Mechanical Heart Valves- JMT distributes mechanical heart valves to SGNHC and MCVTC which have been donated to it to be used to valve replacement of indigent cardiac patients at the respective hospital's discretion.
  • Streptokinase Injection (SKI)- JMT donates it to SGNHC and MCVTC as sought from these centers.
  • Blood Cross Matching-  is done to determine compatibility of blood between donor and recipient prior to surgery. This facility is not covered by the government scheme. Hence JMT sponsors it for patients in accordance with it policy.


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