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Outreach Programs

The purpose of JMT's outreach programs are to take cardiac care closer to the doorsteps of many who are unable to avail these services due to financial, health or travel constraints. 

Free Cardiac Camps

JMT conducts annual cardiac camps in collaboration with Shahid Gangalal National Heart Center (SGNHC) and Manmohan Cardiothoracic Vascular and Transplant Center (MCVTC). Together it has been conducting cardiac camps at the following locations:

  • Western Development Region- Pokhara
  • Far Western Development Region- Dhangadi and other cities
  • Mid-Western Development Region- Banke/Bardia

These camp locations are specifically identified bearing in mind its underdeveloped state economically, geographically and medically. There two types of free cardiac camps that are conducted:

  • Specific Cardiac Camp: This heart camp is for identified cardiac patients , who require regular follow up and are unable to travel all the way to the capital to seek it due to various constraints.
  • General Cardiac Camp: Anyone and Everyone can come and get free medical advise and screening to rule out any possibility of suffering from any form of cardiovascular disease or prone to risk of acquiring one.

Patients requiring immediate tertiary treatment are referred/brought for treatment at SGNHC/MCVTC as per the policy of the organization and financial resources at disposal.


Donation of PT/INR Machines

Post surgery care is given equal importance by JMT. Many patients post surgery or on WARFARIN require to undergo PT/INR test every month to ensure the dosage of their medication , which if not done routinely could lead to critical situation and sometime loss of life. However, there being very limited places to avail this service, patients tend to forgo routine check. Therefore, to ease the hazadarous travel long distance and preventing undue expensive , JMT has distributed PT/INR machines to 14 locations all over Nepal. The cost per testing is relatively cheaper , the facility is available relatively closer to their hometown and patients get one month of WARFARIN free per episode. 

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