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Awareness Programmes

80% of cardiovascular disease is acquired and not inherent by birth. The major factor causing it is ones lifestyle. Which is why we are witnessing the rapid rise of cardiac cases. Hence is utmost importance to inform everyone in the community " Prevention is Better than Cure". The objective of JMT's awareness programs are to inform all that treatment of cardiac disease is certainly expensive but it's prevention requires just a humble initiative. Thus we educate them one various humble life style modification.

World Heart Day

Showing solidarity to the global campaign in building and raising awareness among'st general public on the 29th of September every year.

Go Red for Women

Go Red for Women is a world-wide campaign aimed at bringing the issues of Women's Heart Health to the forefront. Although the campaign is commemorated around the world in the month of February, Jayanti Memorial Trust decided to break the tradition and launch the campaign during the month of  Teej. This festival hold much significance to the Nepalis women and the color red is flaunted widely. During this festival women all over the country fast and pray for the longevity of their spouses. Thus, JMT through GO RED FOR WOMEN campaign urges women to realize her importance in her family and take special care of her heart (connoting life) for them. Through this campaign JMT highlights to women that her life is equally importance to her husband's and thus she must protect it. RED is the campaign theme and so is the color of Teej.

Radio Jingle

The Trust uses the largest means of broad casting; the radio. With jingles made from celebrity voices to bring about awareness on heart disease and how to curb it. The radio strategically plays the jingle 4 times a week throughout the year.

Screen Savers

With computers being part of our modern lifestyle, what better way to raise awareness on heart disease then to remind the population every day, by using awareness screen savers. Various corporate houses have adopted this technique and are displaying the Trust’s screen savers.


The Trust has and still is putting up and distributing heart disease awareness posters and brochures at various places, including hospitals, health posts, schools, businesses, and so on.

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