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Children and Youth Education Program

Undoubtedly, the root cause of increasing cardiac cases is the negligence and lack of information amidst people. Each year JMT witnesses more and more people in their prime years ( 30 yrs- late 40 yrs) succumbing to cardiovascular disease. Most of them have acquired it over the years. Therefore, JMT has initiated a program to start educating the children and youth about this silent killer. It's objective is to equip the children and youth in our community with proper information so that if not everyone but few would be able to avoid being trapped by this vicious disease. 

In 2016 JMT had begun its pilot project with 12 government schools in Pokhara , for students from grade 8- grade 12. It has published a book " Afno Mutu Bacho", which has basic comprehensible content suitable for the target beneficiaries. The project was initiated with a two day extensive workshop for the teachers of the respective school, on basics of cardiovascular disease, precautions required and teaching it to students in a fun and effective manner. So far, it has shown amazing feedback with more schools inquiring about this project and requesting for similar programs in their schools. JMT is hoping to take this education to every government school throughout the country.

The number of beneficiaries in 2016 was 2500 students and 24 teachers. The target for 2017 is around 4000 students along with 24 government school health and population teachers.

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