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Go Red for Women - 2015

August 20th 2015

Go Red for Women is a world-wide campaign aimed at bringing out the issues of Women’s Heart Health to the forefront. Although the campaign is commemorated around the world in the month of February, Jayanti Memorial Trust(JMT) had decided to break the tradition here and launch the campaign during the month of Bhadra when Teej celebrations are at peak. During this festival where women across the country fast and pray for the well-being of their spouses, JMT urges women to go a step further and and make time to consider their own well-being and the importance of their own hearts.

In these four days, we were able to screen a total of 521 women of which 20% where found to be diabetic or pre-diabetic, 19% hypertensive and 328 of them belonged to the category of High Body Mass Index.

Through this program we realized that women were very skeptical about free medical checkup and most of them either ignored or hesitated. It was a pleasing sight to see men forcing/convincing their wives, daughters, mothers and grandmothers to visit us. This clearly showed how much they cared for the women’s in their life.

This could not have been possible without the support from Metro Clinic, who provided us with nurses for all days. Abbott Pharmaceutical and On Call Plus for conducting the diabetes test for free and providing free consultation to everyone.

Thus, this year JMT gave a continuation to our last year’s program of checking women’s Blood Pressure, Body Mass Index and Glucose for free. JMT in collaboration with Women’s Creation conducted the above mentioned for free at the fete in World Trade Center from 20th August, 2015 to 23rd August, 2015.



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