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Chitwan Heart Camp

December 5th 2015

This year Jayanti Memorial Trust took a small baby step towards achieving its mission of providing health care services to the under priviledged.  JMT has been conducting its free heart camp in Pokhara, Banke/Bardia and Dhangadi. With the intention of reaching out to more people and conducting follow ups, we decided to expand our horizon by considering Chitwan. 

With its first cardiac camp in Chitwan JMT was able to serve 140 patients. It may be a small number, but we are happy to have served them well. Thus, JMT in collaboration with Chitwan Medical College organized a free cardiac camp on 5th December 2015. The technical expertise was provided by Manmohan Cardiothoracic Vascular and Transplant Centre( MCVTC) . This was no ordinary camp as the team (JMT and MCVTC) was accompanied by the expert panel from the University of Colorado, who funded the camp from the grant provided by the Edwards Laborataries, USA. Therefore, it would have been most appropriate with the team from the University of Colorado to start with the new location..

We were surprised to find patients from all walks of life and from various age groups. Most of the patients who attended the camp were not only from Chitwan but, also from the neighboring cities.

The youngest patient for the day was an 8month old girl who suffered from ASD Closure and the oldest was an 85 year old man. The patients were well screened and availed the free consultation from the experts. In order to make the camp more systematic and efficient, Pediatric cases were sent to Dr. Dave Campbell and Surgery cases to Dr. Frederick Grover, Dr. David Fullerton and Dr. Koirala. This distribution of cases also helped JMT staffs and volunteers to channelize the patients well.

The camp would not have been successful without the support from our local partner Chitwan Medical College. We look forward to partnering with you in our further endeavors too. Quest Pharmaceuticals have always helped us in distributing the drugs for free and this time they showed their commitment towards the cause by going out of their way to help the patients and the team and Pashupati Biscuits for their contribution towards the camp.

The highlight of this camp was Digital record keeping of the patient. This will now enable us to record and maintain patient’s history and their health status. Through this we can now examine the patients well who attend our camp for a follow up. Not only was the digital record keeping of the patients history was done; mobile ECHO was also conducted by the doctors from the University of Colorado.

The camp was supposed to end by 2:00pm but due to the increased flow of patients it continued till 6:00pm. Dr. Bhagawan Koirala, Dr. Ravi Baral, Dr. Sanjeeb Thapa and Dr. Robert Quaife continued the camp until everyone got their chance. Thank you doctors, this shows how passionate you are towards your profession.



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