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World Heart Day - 2015

September 29th 2015

Why do you think the NGO Jayanti Memorial Trust (JMT) focuses only on the heart? Have you ever thought about it? If you haven’t, then let me help you. We pay close attention to this issue particularly, because it was the wish of late Jayanti Shah. As a tribute to her wishes and carrying her legacy, the Trust embraces all ailing hearts in Nepal warmly and freely. It is a known fact that cardiovascular disease is engulfing many globally at a rapid pace with Nepal as no exception. As per WHO Report 2014 Heart disease places second amongst the non- communicable disease.

In most regions of Nepal, the people are strenuously engaged in making ends meet from dusk to dawn. They neither have the time nor the want to think about their health. Lack of awareness and education is an addition to their never ending miseries. Thus, JMT is striving towards educating and making these population aware of what risk they are inviting upon themselves. We are trying to take humble initiatives in taking cardiac care closer to these people’s doorsteps. If they can’t come to us, we go to them. Our identity and survival is very dependent on these populations’ survivals.

On 29th September, 2015 JMT along with the cycle city commemorated the global event of World Heart Day (WHD) in Pokhara withparticipation of 380 cyclists. As we set forth the planning of the WHD for the first time in Pokhara, we had hoped to recieve a participation from not more than 150 cyclists to stand by our case. Little did we know that we were in a big surprise on the morning of 29th September, 2015. Seeing the crowd assemble at the City Hall, Pokhara, all in orange cycle jackets and their cycle, we were awestruck.

We witnessed cyclists from all walks of life military, expatriates, tourists, housewives, retired men and school children. 28.6 km that had seemed like a never ending cycle route for the first timers like us, we seemed to have covered in no time at all. High spirited with the overwhelming participation, we seemed to have flown in our cycles. Although we had 5 stops for the cyclists to rest while JMT shared Heart Health tips with the people of the respective neighbourhood that had gathered to cheer and welcome us, we saw not one cyclist fatigued. In fact all were eager to keep moving.

The apparent passion, the energy and the enthusiasm on the cyclist faces, for sure proves "All is well, that ends well".  

There were 5 stops (public places), within the 28.6 km route, for the cyclists to take rest. At each stop, a member from JMT and cycle city gave a 5 minute talk on the heart and benefits of cycling. It was overwhelming to find people from the respective neighborhoods gathered around to clap, cheer and motivate our cyclists. It was a beautiful sight to see the orange flock covering the streets. By the end, each participant (even children below the age of 15 years) completed the entire route and had a cheerful look on their faces. The cyclists rode with passion; energy and enthusiasm that made everyone else want to join them.


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