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Teachers Refresher Course

August 30th 2017

Completed Teachers refresher course - "Aafno Mutu Bachau" - a book formulated by our team of experts/JMT Board Members- Prof. Dr. Bhagawan Koirala, Dr Abani Bhushan Upadhaya to add on, Meant for informing teachers and students about heart diseases and usefulness of preventive measures in cardiology. Currently this course has been completed with 12 schools and the teams have identified 13 government schools in and around Pokhara for the year 2017.

Dr. Ashish Tripathee, cardiologist took a day off to train 24 teachers about the contents of the book so that they can properly explain it to their students. The teachers and principals that attended the workshop displayed a very positive outlook on the project and has also given their word to support us in its implementation.

While the books will be distributed amongst 3300 students (grades 8-12 from 13 government schools) JMT staffs will also show an educational video on Physiological aspect of the heart and Rheumatic Heart Disease.

The students from such government hospitals do not have much internet access; therefore practicing learning through informative 3D video would enable them to grasp the functioning of the heart well. Mass awareness on the prevalence of Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) which is an easily preventable disease will be initiated through such videos by the staffs.

We hope this awareness would help the students be more health conscious and understand the concept of living a healthier lifestyle.

The teams will further screen these students for any form of cardiac ailments namely CHD and RHD etc. If any identified and confirmed cases found necessary treatment or medications will be provided. Till date 2400 students have being screened for RHD and out of them 85 (who otherwise would have never known) are under secondary prophylaxis.

On this note, JMT would like to express deepest gratitude to Dr. Frederick Grover and his team from the University of Colorado, School of Medicine for the undying support over many years. Your faith in our programs and objectives drive us to work harder.


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