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Fundamental of Cardiology and Screening of Valvular Disease

July 3rd 2016

A 5 days workshop on “Fundamental of Cardiology and Screening of Valvular Disease” was conducted at the Western Regional Hospital, Pokhara. The workshop was made possible with the funds Jayanti Memorial Trust (JMT) received from Nick Simons Institute (NSI) and Edward Grant, USA.




JMT was donated two V Scan machine last fall 2015 as part of the Edwards Grant. As the Grantee of the device, it was JMT’s responsibility to make optimum use of it in fulfilling the objective for which it was donated to it. A thorough planning was in process into making the best use of the device donated to screen and identify early cases of RHD, Valvular or congenital heart defects in the community and make referral of such patients for apt treatment,at the same time gather data of prevalence of heart defects in Nepal.  Although an ambitious project but needed immediate head start as per the requirement of the grantor ( Edward Lifescience Foundation).JMT needed to tread cautiously in order to meet the objective at the same time make the project sustainable, feasible and impactful. Planning sessions were conducted to draft a feasible plan to give head away to the project under the guidance of Dr. Bhagwan Koirala. JMT Liaison Office Set Up-.JMT set up a liaison office at WRH similar to SGNHC and MCVTC that would further assist in the project.




NSI’s funds facilitated JMT in upgrading its workshop modality in terms of participants. Instead of Health Assistants, we planned to conducted the workshop for Medical officers. NSI has deeper penetration in terms of its area of work within Nepal. JMT sought its guidance in recommending and inviting 15 medical officers from in and around Kaski and other districts to participate in the workshop. This augmented our project while keeping our basic objective of picking up early cardiac cases amongst children and referring them for appropriate medical care the same. 15 Medical Officers stationed at the District Hospitals as below attended the workshop:

  1. Dr. Prakash Bhatta- Argakhanchi
  2. Dr. Satya Baidya- Gulmi
  3. Dr. Yadu Baral- Gulmi
  4. Dr. Anil  Pokharel- Myagdi
  5. Dr. Suvash Thapa- Myagdi
  6. Dr. Ghanendra Nepali- Salyan
  7. Dr. Shambu Khanal- Pyuthan
  8. Dr. Sunil Singh- Kapilvastu
  9. Dr. Tikka Ram Rai- Bardiya
  10. Dr. Asthma Regmi- Jiri
  11. Dr. Sanjeev Kandel- Darchula
  12. Dr. Sharoj  Dahal- Parbat
  13. Dr. Sudip  Adhikari- Damauli
  14. Dr. Sanjeev Bhattarai- Bandipur
  15. Dr. Raman Mani Bhandari- Baglung


The workshop commenced on the 3rd of July, 2016 till the 7th July, 2016. Dr. Madhav Babu Tiwari, Dr. Ashish Tripathee and Dr. Rikesh Sapkota presented papers on various topics as below

I.Rheumatic Heart Disease

II.Congenital Heart Defects

III.Coronary Heart Disease


V.Heart Failure


The participants were taught the basic of echo and getting the imaging corrects to pick up any heart irregularities. They were taken to the ward and performed echo through the VScan oncardiac patients as well as normal people and amongst themselves to get correct imaging of heart valves as well as observe heart defects. The team of medical officers were divided into two group. Two days they were taken to Janapriya School (government school, pokhara)in groups where they used the VScan to screen children from age 4- 15 years in the presence of Dr. Ashish Tripathee. 86 children could be screened as the medical officers needed time to get imaging of the heart through VScan correct. 4 children were identified as suspected cardiac defects and follow up will be done by JMT liaison officer after the school re opens (summer holidays).


Substantial time was spent on discussions after each topic presented. The Trainer doctors, Dr Madhav Babu Tiwari and Dr. Ashish Tripathee picked up few of their patients’ cases and questioned the participating doctors how they would treat a similar patients given similar government hospital set up. They further shared their experience on how cases should be handled practically given the set up , poorly equipped.


This was the first of its kind workshop on cardiology conducted at WRH and for the participating doctors to have attended.  Much as they seemed involved during the workshop, they had few complains, regarding there being no echo machine, shortage of drugs etc. Amazing it may sound some of the doctors were unaware about the government aid and policy regarding cardiac patients. However, JMT manager not only briefed them about the organization, its area of work , it's current policy for sponsoring treatment and the objective of the respective workshop but also about the government policy for indigent cardiac patients in Nepal.


First of its kind for medical officers, the workshop conducted by Dr. Ashish was commendable and much credit must go to Dr. Kashim Shah ( Senior Program Manager) NSI for believing in the program and hoping for a similar bigger and better workshop next fiscal year funded by NSI.


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