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Free Heart Camp in Dhangadi

April 18th 2015

 Free Heart Camp was organized by Jayanti Memorial Trust (JMT) in collaboration with Rural Womens’ Development and Unity Center (RWDUC) and technical expertise from Manmohan Cardiothoracic Vascular and Transplant Center (MCVTC) on 18th April, 2015 at Seti Zonal Hospital, Dhangadi.

In this camp we witnessed many patients who waited months only to get a follow up on their Heart Health. One of the patients from our previous camp had undergone a surgery at MCVTC post Kailali camp last year and was advised follow up after a year. But he chose to wait for us to be back in Kailali with our annual camp instead of travelling all the way to Kathmandu. These simple gestures not only make us feel happy about our work but also drive us to work even harder in bringing cardiac care closer to the doorsteps of indigent people of Nepal. Bearing this in mind, we can mark this camp as our benchmark!

Jayanti Memorial Trust’s seamless efforts have also been bearing its fruit upon watching people come from Dhangadi, Doti, Dadheldura, Bajang, Baitadi , Accham and Darchula to know the status of their Health. This shows that our out-reach programs have been effective in making them aware and conscious of their Heart!

Since this was a specific Heart Camp, pre-screening of 689 patients to rule out probable cardiac patients was conducted by the two doctors from Nepalgunj Medical College. Existing and identified cardiac patients were then to be directly checked by the doctors from MCVTC on the 18th April, 2015.

An alarming number of 511 patients that availed free medical follow up consultation, 80% were found to be cardiac patients while 15% were hypertensive or diabetic, implying at higher risk of acquiring cardiovascular disease if not controlled. It was indeed very disturbing to discover a substantial number of children, adolescents and youngster with Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) in the Far Western Nepal. These figures have made it apparent that Far Western Region is being victimized with Cardio vascular diseases. However, government’s initiative on providing free penicillin vaccination to these underprivileged patients with RHD is applaud-able.

In accordance with the patients financial and medical conditions MCVTC have given operation dates to 50 patients who were found in critical stages. The Trust will coordinate and bring these indigent patients to the hospital. Our aim of bringing cardiac care readily accessible to the indigent patients could not have been successful without the support from RUWDUC our Local Partner, Lomus Pharmaceuticals for sponsoring us our travel and distributing Free Drugs during the camp and also the team of experts from MCVTC who took out their time this noble cause. Over the years we have partnered with so many like-minded partners, thus making us believe that there are many NGO’s, Medical Fraternity’s, Hospitals dedicated to help the needy come any obstacles.



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