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Cardiac Camp in Pokhara

December 3rd 2016

One of the core missions of Jayanti Memorial Trust is to decentralize cardiac care throughout Nepal. With this intention JMT has been conducting cardiac camps in Pokhara every year with the technical support from Manmohan Cardiothoracic Vascular and Transplant Center (MCVTC) headed by Prof. Dr. Bhagawan Koirala.

The main purpose behind every camp is to rule out possibilities of new cardiac patients and to provide a follow up treatment for the existing or old patients. This enables them to save time and money as they are required to visit Kathmandu for their follow up.

The camp in Pokhara took place on the 3rd of December with an additional support from the expert panel of University of Colorado like Dr. Frederick Grover, Dr. David Fullerton, Dr. Robert Quaife, Dr. Dave Campbell to name a few.


  1. A total of 350 patients were screened of which 159 were males while 191 were females.
  2. Total number of cardiac patients was found to be 225, which is 64% of 350 patients.
  3. High percentage of hypertension was seen amongst the following age groups:

Males: 39% in the 51-70 years of age bracket and 38% in 31-50years of age bracket

Females:  64% in the 51-70 years of age bracket and 18% in 31-50years of age bracket

  1. Three Psychiatric and one Gastro Medicine cases have been referred to Manipal Hospital while one Lino Renal Stunt has been referred to Teaching Hospital.
  2. Out of 18 patients belonging to the age group (1-10years) 6 of them have been diagnosed with VSD, 3 with ASD, 2 with MVR, 1 with TOF and S/P VSD Closure. 13 of 18 children identified with a cardiac problem show the definite rise in cardiovascular disease.
  3. 26 patients have been referred to MCVTC for their further treatment.


Through this camp many new cases were identified and recording of all the patients in the I-Pads was done which means that JMT now has a detailed history of the patients in digital format. The camp would not have been successful without the support from Heralo Organization our local partner, Interns from Manipal Hospital helped our foreign doctors in translation, Lomus Pharmaceutical for distributing drugs for free of cost.


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